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Meet The Dixons

Where your donations go, please continue your support, so we can continue to help these families.

This is the family of Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon of Hall County GA, Blane was lost in the line of duty on July 7, 2019 to gun fire.

Every year for the last 30 years the Dixon family took a beach vacation. After Blane passed they couldn't bring themselves to go in 2020. We spoke to them and helped them realize that getting back to the beach could be very therapeutic. So, First Responders Family Foundation helped facilitate a trip to Tybee Island for the Dixon family, it was a different beach than they normally went to, but helped the family get over that hurdle, find some bonding time and get that much needed mental reset the beach can bring.


Fred and Jada Dixon, Blanes parents wrote, "There are no words to express the gratitude we feel to your Foundation, not just for the wonderful vacation, but for thinking of our family and remembering and honoring Blane and his sacrifice. Blane was a special person, someone you instantly loved and wanted to know. He was funny and kind and his laugh lit up even the darkest of rooms. We all miss him tremendously, but our hearts are warmed by organizations like yours, that remember his name and the greatness he put into this world. May God bless you and the work that you do. It means something to the people who have lost a loved one."

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