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Our Mission

Our Mission includes a multitude of things. The basics are focusing on the surviving members of first responders who lost their life on duty. We will be starting with police families specifically with children, then we plan to add Fire/EMS and finally Military families. 

Focus will be on a few things, but mainly aftercare that's more directed to mental health, not just paying bills. Helping with therapy, for spouse, the children and the parents of the lost. Also, creating a support network or community for the families, by hosting events that bring them together, that way the families can make connections with other families who have endured a similar tragedy and use each other for support. 

We also will be able send families on experiences, vacations, sporting events, or whatever they may love to do as a family. That way they can spend quality time together as a family to realize that it's ok to enjoy life with the family that is still around in hopes that it helps them heal and come back together as a family. Finally we will create a scholarship for college age children of the effected families.

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