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Our Story


This Non Profit was formed by several active and former police officers. The founder spent a majority of his career on the motorcycle unit where he attended more than 100 officers funerals. During that time he saw the anguish surviving family members were going through.

We know that there are a lot of resources out there to help these families with their bills, mortgages and childrens education. We saw that there was a lack of programs that focused on the surviving families mental health and rebuilding of happiness and togetherness as they move forward. That is where we step in. We will help these families regain footing mentally by helping provide therapy if needed and allow them to share experiences that are custom to each individual family. While they share these experiences, the hope is to rebuild that sense of family togetherness that strengthens bonds and creates happiness.

Our Board

Founder :

 Jesse Myers 

Jesse is currently an active Police Officer and has worked with the same department for 20 years. Over that career he has spent the last 14 years on the motorcycle unit. Part of that units duties is to attend the funerals of fallen officers across the state of Georgia. Unfortunately over that timespan he has attended over 100 officers funerals, which gave him the motivation to found this non-profit after seeing the effects these events had on the surviving family members.

Co-Founder / Secretary :

Dawn Myers

Dawn is married to the founder Jesse and has been by his side through all he has endured as a police officer. She has spent over 20 years in the medical field, so she is experienced in helping those in need and loves serving her community. 

Treasurer :

Thad Timpson

Thad is a retired Gwinnett County Police Officer. He was an officer for over 20 years and spent 13 of those years on the motorcycle unit. Like Jesse, he attended more funerals than any one man should and saw the devastation that the families were left with. He wanted to be part of this organization so he could give back to the community that has supported him for so many years.

Founding Board Member :

Patrick Faulkner

Patrick spent 15 years as a Police Officer in several departments, he also held many positions including as a K9 officer for a local college. He then moved on to become an entrepeneaur and start his own business. When he heard that this organization was being founded, he jumped at the opportunity to be involved and serve the families of the fallen.

Founding Board Member :

Shawn Mycols

Shawn is currently an active Police Officer working in the Special Operations section of Gwinnett County with the DUI Unit. When he heard of this Non-Profit forming he reached out on his own to become part of the board and looks forward to helping as many people as possible.

Our Families

At First Responders Family Foundation, we prioritize the privacy and dignity of the families we serve. Some families choose to share their stories, details, and pictures with us, while others prefer to remain anonymous. We respect these choices wholeheartedly, ensuring that family information is only published with explicit permission. Our commitment to confidentiality underscores our dedication to respecting the individual preferences of each family. We believe in empowering individuals and families to maintain control over their personal information while accessing the support they need.

Meet The Dixons

This is the family of Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon of Hall County GA, Blane was lost in the line of duty on July 7, 2019 to gun fire.

Every year for the last 30 years the Dixon family took a beach vacation. After Blane passed they couldn't bring themselves to go in 2020. We spoke to them and helped them realize that getting back to the beach could be very therapeutic. So, First Responders Family Foundation helped facilitate a trip to Tybee Island for the Dixon family, it was a different beach than they normally went to, but helped the family get over that hurdle, find some bonding time and get that much needed mental reset the beach can bring.


Fred and Jada Dixon, Blanes parents wrote, "There are no words to express the gratitude we feel to your Foundation, not just for the wonderful vacation, but for thinking of our family and remembering and honoring Blane and his sacrifice. Blane was a special person, someone you instantly loved and wanted to know. He was funny and kind and his laugh lit up even the darkest of rooms. We all miss him tremendously, but our hearts are warmed by organizations like yours, that remember his name and the greatness he put into this world. May God bless you and the work that you do. It means something to the people who have lost a loved one."

#aheroesfamily #RememberP90 #DoItForDixon #hero #HallCountyStrong


Want to host a fundraiser?

If you're passionate about supporting our cause and eager to organize a fundraising event, you're in the right place. This page provides essential information and guidelines for hosting an event for First Responders Family Foundation. Below, you'll find all the necessary legal information and forms.  But if you would rather just reach out, send an email to; we would love to work together to raise money for this much needed service.

Becoming A First Responders Family Foundation Fundraiser

Under the 1991 charitable Fundraising Acts in each state, anyone wishing to raise money for charitable purposes must hold an authority to fundraise issued by the organization, First Responders Family Foundation, Inc. Before you get started in your fundraising, we will need to authorize your fundraising activity. All individuals, groups or organizations that wish to fundraise must register with us, whatever the size of the event or the donation (cash or kind). The fundraising guidelines are designed to assist you in planning your fundraising activities in support of First Responders Family Foundation.



  • Any person, organization, group or other, fundraising in the name of First Responders Family Foundation needs to accept the following guidelines and register their fundraising activity with First Responders Family Foundation. Please contact us if you have any questions – we are here to help!

  • Sign this document, the “Fundraising Terms of Agreement,” to accept First Responders Family Foundation fundraising conditions.

  • Return the “Fundraising Terms of Agreement” to First Responders Family Foundation. If your event/activity is suitable, First Responders Family Foundation will send you an authorization email to fundraise on our behalf. The Fundraiser is not authorized to use First Responders Family Foundation as its beneficiary charity until it has received the authorization email.

  • Due to limited resources, First Responders Family Foundation is not able to take a coordination role in your event, such as assistance with ticket sales, soliciting prizes or organizing celebrities. The event, including the financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management of the event shall be conducted in your (the Fundraiser’s) name and is the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser

  • The Fundraiser’s arrangements for the Event must be planned with the approval of First Responders Family Foundation and First Responders Family Foundation expects a reasonable level of liaison and information about the Event.

  • Any changes made from the original details provided on the “First Responders Family Foundation Giving Campaign Event Form” must be reported to First Responders Family Foundation and may result in a new sanction to be authorized.

  • First Responders Family Foundation requires that there be no door-­‐to-­‐door appeals, street collections or telephone solicitation of funds to the public in connection with the Event.

Financial Aspects of the Event

  • The Fundraiser is responsible for all expenses associated with their event.

  • Individual receipts for tax deductions for supporters of the event are available by request. Information needed is name, address, phone number, and donation amount.

  • Any individual donor of $250 or more must be reported to First Responders Family Foundation. Information needed is name, address, phone number, and donation amount.

  • For donated goods and services First Responders Family Foundation requires correspondence from the company or individual stating the donated value of goods or services to the event. Information needed is name, address, phone number, and details regarding the goods or services donated.


Media and Public Relations

  • All media materials and press releases must be approved by First Responders Family Foundation prior to circulation. Please allow 10 days for approval. We are happy to discuss any ideas you may have and provide an example press release.


  • Some activities require permits. Please contact your secretary of state’s website for gaming and racing laws, as well as permit requirements in your state.


Use of First Responders Family Foundation Name and Logo

  • The Fundraiser has no right to the name ‘First Responders Family Foundation’. Nor is the Fundraiser given the right to raise funds in that name. This means you cannot call your event a First Responders Family Foundation event i.e. A First Responders Family Foundation Trivia Night, however you can call it an event supporting First Responders Family Foundation.

  • First Responders Family Foundation can sanction the use of a line of copy stating the relationship between the Fundraiser and First Responders Family Foundation for all fundraiser promotional material. Recommended wording would be, ‘This event proudly supports First Responders Family Foundation’ or ‘Funds raised will assist First Responders Family Foundation in making a difference in the lives of Surviving members of First Responders lost on duty’

  • Any printed materials or advertisements to be used by the Fundraiser in relation to the Event must be submitted to First Responders Family Foundation for approval and must also state how the proceeds from the event are to benefit First Responders Family Foundation, e.g. ‘all proceeds from this event’ or ‘all proceeds from the auction’. Please allow 10 days for approval of your material.

  • If the Fundraiser wishes to use the First Responders Family Foundation logo, photos, or taglines on any materials, products, or websites (this includes social media) the Fundraiser must obtain prior permission from First Responders Family Foundation. All logos, photos, and taglines are copyrighted and property of First Responders Family Foundation.



  • All aspects of financial and public liability and public safety are the responsibility of the event organizer. As First Responders Family Foundation is not the event organizer, we are unable to cover any liability on your behalf.

  • The Fundraiser agrees to release First Responders Family Foundation to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims, except where such liability arises because of the negligence of First Responders Family Foundation or its agents. Therefore, please ensure that any space or venue used for your fundraising activities has the public liability insurance that is required by your state.

After reading the guidelines and agreement information, please complete the form below to be submitted for approval. 

Host a Fundraising Event
  • Terms & Conditions

    By submitting this agreement, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand the terms and conditions under which any fundraising activities benefitting First Responders Family Foundation need to operate. I will endeavor to ensure that First Responders Family Foundation's representatives are informed of the
    development of any fundraising concepts and approve any promotional materials or media releases citing First Responders Family Foundation as the beneficiary. I have read and agree to the terms of agreement and offer to hold my fundraising event/activity in accordance with the First Responders Family Foundation guidelines. I understand my obligations with regards to sending the proceeds to First Responders Family Foundation within 30 days. I agree to conduct my event in a manner that upholds First Responders Family Foundation's integrity, professionalism and values. I agree to inform First Responders Family Foundation if the details of my event deviate from those stated on this form.

Thanks for submitting!

Contact Us

First Responders Family Foundation would love to hear from you.

Our Mailing Address: 3313 Windward Gate Lane Buford, GA 30519

Phone: 770-337-2360


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